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Month: September 2021

  • Die Young as Late as You Can

    Die Young as Late as You Can

    The idea is to die young as late as possible. Several years ago I was taking pictures of my yellow duck in a field near the center of Lincoln MA. The bike was way up on a small hill and I was 200 yds away near the road snapping photos. I heard a car stop […]

  • Before I Die…

    Before I Die…

    Before I die A few years back someone painted the side of an Abandoned building in New Orleans with those three simple words leaving a space for people who happen to wander by to fill in the blank. Since then, other Installations of this art project sprung up all over the world.    Some of the most […]

  • Have You Been Here Yet?

    Have You Been Here Yet?

    We’ve all been here haven’t we? Maybe not this exact spot (this is just outside of Reading PA) but you’ve been here, I know you have! Couple hundred miles into a couple hundred mile ride, late in the day, on a country back road. A road you’ve never been on, or maybe a road you […]

  • How The King Broke My Heart

    How The King Broke My Heart

    How the king broke my heart! And why I became such a huge Freddie Spencer fan. So it was 1984, I was just a young kid riding my very 1st motorcycle around the back roads of Massachusetts. I would go into my local moto dealer and drool over the new bikes, this was the dawn […]

  • Get Lost In the Middle

    Get Lost In the Middle

    I want to get lost in the middle! “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” B. Franklin That’s a pretty powerful quote isn’t it? Especially in times like these, our elected officials (they work for us you know, don’t forget that!) are increasingly taking […]

  • I like Old Maps

    I like Old Maps

    I like old maps, the smell of coffee and flashy helmets. Yeah I’m not like most people, I get that. I look at life differently then most, normal to some completely wacked to others. I think I have always seen the romance in life, and how to live it. I think that’s a common thread […]

  • You Can’t Go Home Again

    You Can’t Go Home Again

    You can’t go home again Or can you? I’m hear to say of course you can, and it’s something you should do again and again. It doesn’t have to be an actual physical location you go home to but also a mindset, a feeling in your heart and peaceful place in your mind. I just […]

  • Passionate people ride red bikes?

    Passionate people ride red bikes?

    Passionate people ride red bikes?   Do you think that’s true, do they ride other color bikes too? Let me ask you, when you think of red motorcycles do you think of one brand? Ducati, moto Guzzi or Honda? I was chatting with my good friend Rich Grant one morning about motorcycles, motorcycle racers and […]

  • Western MA Journey

    Western MA Journey

    Western Mass Journey As you turn left onto Route 66 and head west you will find yourself crossing into the little town of Westhampton. Now we’re not on “that” Route 66 or in the famous Hamptons of Long Island, but instead we are traveling through a little section of Western MA. Route 66 travels between […]