Stories from the Road

Do you like Cheeseburgers??

When you walk into this little restaurant and notice the murals on the walls, the old-fashioned booths and the counter stools you will be transported to your childhood. Well, that’s if you grew up back in the 70s or 80s and it seemed like every small town in America had a small little dairy bar like The Shady Glenn. Oh, and bring you wallet and leave your credit card at home because this is a Cash only establishment! Or it was the last time I was there; I hope they keep that tradition going!


This one is located on a main road coming out of the town of Manchester CT right on Route 44. Shady Glen Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor is the official name and when a place has ” Ice Cream Parlor” in its name they you know it’s going to be a special and fun place to visit for eats! However, don’t come here just for the ice cream, there is something special on the menu that I have not found anywhere else before. It’s a cheeseburger! What, James almost every restaurant in America serves a cheeseburger how could this place be any different?

Well have a look at how they do cheeseburgers!


Yup, that is cheese that you see hanging outside of my bun, crispy delicious cheese! They do this unique procedure when they place the cheese on the burger, 4 slices of cheese cover the burger but also hang over the edges and sit on the grill and become this amazingly tasty and crispy goodness. You can order it with all the fixings that I usually get on my burgers, but when I come here, I get it plain just like you see above. Now the locals have a debate on how to eat this concoction, some say just grab it and go. The 1st few bites are just cheese, others say pull the bun back and fold in the crispy edges back onto the burger and place the bun back on and enjoy. I’ve done both and I’m not sure which is better, I think I should return soon and try this again!

When you come here save a little room for dessert. Lots of Ice Cream flavors are offered and for a little extra special treat you can get a Sundae topped with Hot Fudge, Hot Carmel, Hot Blueberry, Hot Butterscotch as well as Cherrys, Pineapples and whipped cream. Sound good, doesn’t it? When are we going?