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The Many Lives of a Cup of Coffee

The many lives of a cup of coffee

life of cup of coffee

Why does coffee taste different in different environments, Or does it?

To me there are many ways to enjoy the 2nd most popular beverage in the world. It fits nicely between tea and beer. How many times have you said “ let’s stop for a cup of coffee” or made plans to meet someone “ for a cup of Joe?”
Let’s face it we Americans drink more Java then any other country in the world, and you know why?


It taste damn good!
Even better when your one two wheels ! Trust me it does. There is something special about stopping for coffee when out riding. Ya I know it’s the hipster thing to do, but listen I’ve been drinking the juice long before most hipsters were born.
I guess I was forced into it, as a kid my mom would drink coffee all day long. Even at night, I remember coming home after spending the night drinking the 3rd most common beverage (burp) and knowing she would be up waiting for me. Sitting in the dark, on the porch and seeing the glow of her cigarette butt. I’d notice the can of folgers instant coffee on the counter. Back then (early 80’s) I didn’t know the appeal of coffee.

Then a few years later, working my 1st real job driving a truck and this old guy who was training me , who by the way was most likely younger then I am now!  We would stop every morning at a certain gas station and get a cup! One day I said, yeah I’ll have one too.
That’s all it took!
I’m sure I just lost all the hipsters reading this, yes my 1st real coffee experience was with gas station coffee! And no not like the gas stations of today with those fancy Dunkin’ Donuts attached to them. This was the real deal gas station java. One pot behind the old greasy counter. Only one kind too! Real men drank mud! No decaf, no (as my dad called it) blueberry coffee. The real deal.
It was shortly after that I naturally started to stop in my two wheeled adventures for the stuff.
Okay we had dunks back then, the real deal dunks too. No drive ups, no plant based , non dairy eggs sandwiches. Coffee, in ceramic cups with saucers, jelly donuts and coffee rolls!


So now some 30 years later I’m still drinking the stuff. Sometimes I’ll go to bed early just so I can wake up sooner and have a cup. Is that right?
Yes there is nothing better in the morning then that 1st sip. Okay and I must admit I do occasionally have blueberry flavored coffee (sorry dad) or my local shop has the wonderful vanilla nut one. Did I get the hipsters back???

However my fav cup?

Easy , it’s the one I have with my motorcycles, doesn’t make a difference if a young kid with a fancy title made it, or some gas station mechanic brewed it between pumping gas and changing brake fluid.
It’s the experience I enjoy.
I hope you understand!