Stories from the Road

Die Young as Late as You Can

The idea is to die young as late as possible.


Several years ago I was taking pictures of my yellow duck in a field near the center of Lincoln MA.

The bike was way up on a small hill and I was 200 yds away near the road snapping photos. I heard a car stop behind me, and when I turned around and looked this older gentleman was snapping photos of me.

I thought maybe he was a town official, or retired Police officer and he was going to inform me I shouldn’t be parked there.

But to my surprise when I waved to him He commented what a great photo. Then he got out of his car and came over and introduced himself to me and said he never passes up an opportunity to take a great photo.

He was not a motorcyclist, but he was very interested in hearing about the type of bike the yellow Ducati was. When he found out it was Italian he asked me if he could go sit on it and if I could take his picture.

So we walked together to the top of the hill and I took a few photos of him on the bike and next to to it.  I don’t remember his name, or exactly the date of this shot but I do remember the moment.

Don’t pass up those moments, stop to take that photo, bang a u’ey if you have to!  Talk to strangers, travel to places you‘ve never been too.

Die young, but as old as you can!