Stories from the Road

Café Racer Dreams

I’ve always been a lover of performance motorcycles. It was hard for me to understand the whole beauty before function idea. However I never judged or had issue with what other people got out of their two wheeled passions, just wasn’t my thing.
I saw beauty in gold Ohlins suspension. Or carbon fiber bodywork. When Yamaha came out with the 5 valve genesis motor, or Honda with the trick oval piston NR750 things like that is what stirred my passion with motorcycles.
When café racers started to replace the choppers i was so excited. Let’s reduce weight , increase performance make them handle well and yes, they can make them look cool too.
Lots of Honda CB’s from the 70’s were being cut, stripped and converted into café style machines. Lots of beautiful bikes for sure. However I was always looking at them and thinking the inline 4 motor just wasn’t the right fit.
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V twins for me make the perfect café bike!
If you’ve known me for any length of time you Probably know by now I’ve always had more than one motorcycle in my garage. I love to share the love!
I could see myself owning a custom v twin café racer style bike.  I would probably  have to go purchase an old Belstaff waxed cotton jacket and some scruffy used leather pants to wear so when I take the beast to my favorite little Sunday morning coffee joint I am dressed for the part!
Or maybe its a big single that should be in a café racer? See the problem here?