Stories from the Road

Because one is always nearer by not keeping still

“….because one is always nearer by not keeping still..”
My plan was pretty simple, I was going to ride off on two wheels watching the setting sun behind me in my mirrors. Capturing moments thru my face shield of my helmet, writing about all my experiences with the twist of my wrist! Ride into small towns I’ve never heard of but only seen on maps. Maybe kiss a few strange girls along the way. Hoping to find my last 1st kiss.
I won’t think about the nexts days path until I find myself on it. Ending each day in a new physical location but in the same place in my heart.
All because I have a plan..and I was born to not keep still. I’m a wandering at heart and in my mind.
The 1st half of my life has been spent standing still, building a family, a career and amazing friendships along the way. Oh I’ve traveled and flipped off a few sunsets on the road in my day. But I’ve always came home.
Now I feel the need to have less of a physical home and more of the open road. We have such an amazing planet out there to explore. So much to see and do.
Our purpose in life is not to sit behind walls and hide from life, but to go out and explore it. Take risks, breath the air around you and see things!
Be more than just alive, live life!
new england sport touring motorcycle rider ducati
Living life on two wheels traveling thru places you’ve never been, or on roads you’ve ridden a 100 times before. Do it for the 101th time! Raise your kickstand and drop it down into 1st gear and go. Wave to kids on the side of the road as you go past, stop at monuments you see in those small towns you ride through.
When it’s time to park your bike at the end of your journey make sure you done everything you wanted to do! Traveled to the places you wanted to see and loved the ones in your life. Hard!
“ at worst , one is always in motion, and at best
Reaching no absolute in which to rest
One is always nearer by not keeping still “
-T Gunn