Stories from the Road

Give it a Try

“it’s impossible,” said pride.

‘it’s risky,” said experience.

“it’s pointless,” said reason.

“Give it a try” whispered my heart.

We all need to listen to our hearts just a little more and do what it says!

I am!

I just happen to be going by as the setting sun was putting on this amazing show! It’s a popular spot to stop and watch such an event. It was a warm summer day; I had spent the day riding around Central MA on my motorcycle. However, I was pretty much alone at this spot on this day.

It was one of those healing days we all need time and again. A day to reflect on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I remember this day like it was just a few hours ago. Not just for that amazing spot to watch the sunset, or the beautiful Royal Enfield Continental GT parked there. However for the feeling that day of knowing a beautiful sunset will also lead to a wonderful sunrise and new beginnings

Talking with a special person in my life the other night about what brings people together and how when you least expect it someone will come along and help you listen to you heart when it whispers those simple 4 words.

Give it a try!