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Passionate people ride red bikes?

Passionate people ride red bikes?


Do you think that’s true, do they ride other color bikes too?

Let me ask you, when you think of red motorcycles do you think of one brand?

Ducati, moto Guzzi or Honda?

I was chatting with my good friend Rich Grant one morning about motorcycles, motorcycle racers and brands of bikes. The moto Guzzi v11 Le Mans came up. A bike I would love to own someday, but surprisingly not the red one, but the ultra sexy silver and Green version.

I described the bike as a typical Italian motorcycle a little heavy, slow and sometimes unreliable. However stunningly beautiful, refined and full of character. Rich’s response was “ how do they stay in business” and “ everyone loves them but no one buys them”

Perfect way to describe an Guzzi

However I believe the answer is passion!

See, I think motorcycles are now considered a toy, A vehicle used for pleasure. No one has to have one, unlike crowded 3rd world countries where bikes are a families only mode of transportation. Here in the USA most bikes are parked next to a car, SUV or a truck.

Yes I know a few people who only have bikes, and ride every day every place but let’s face it , that’s a choice

Now why would someone go out and purchase a over priced, Unreliable but beautiful motorcycle?

Yup, you guessed it Passion!

There is an old saying about Ducati….”Ducati, Making mechanics out of riders since 1946”

See I was a Ducati guy long before I could afford one, or afford to own one. Back when I saw my 1st Ducati (1985 F1) I instantly fell in love with the V twin from Bologna Italy. I suddenly felt the urge to sip on a glass of grappa , maybe have a little bowl of gelato after eating some pasta for dinner. See that’s what passion will do to a person.

Peter Egan once wrote that when you buy a Ducati and bring it home the first day it calls for a celebration like when a child is born, vs just buying another bike. Another great way to describe owning a Italian bike.

I don’t know how the Italians have done it, but my god they certainly have a knack for it.

So today , a beautiful sunny day in September calls for a little Espresso, Some prosciutto with some crusty bread, and later maybe a Margarita pizza. Yes, that sounds just about right for a celebration with my red Ducati