Stories from the Road

Gardens in Winter

I took this photo with my helmet camera back in late July 2021 I was somewhere in Virginia or maybe its West Virginia, or it could have even been in Pennsylvania for all I know. I do know that I was somewhere along the MABDR route that I was following north towards home. I also know I was having the time of my life on this ride. I was riding solo on this trip, I had met a few of my friends along the way to spend a day or two with them along on this journey. But for the most part by myself.

Like many of you reading this I’ve been riding and living my life on two wheels for a long time and have traveled many miles on my bikes. Sometimes with people, many times solo. Do I have a favorite? Sure, but ask me every day and I’ll give you a different answer every day

I will admit it’s getting far rarer for me to ride in a big group of people especially people I don’t know or hadn’t ridden with. My “circle of trust” has become much smaller as I’ve become older. But I’m also not afraid to meet new people and ride with them. I have a very good selections of friends that I share my miles with. It’s a special thing enjoying a two wheeled adventure with a close friend, I cherish that. I enjoy showing my friends beautiful roads, Gorgeous New England scenery and wonderful places to stop. It’s such a magical way to pass time.

I’ve meet so many nice people all because of my love for motorcycles, my life is truly blessed because of two wheels.
However, so many times I get such a thrill out of leaving from my house on a solo journey. Just me and my thoughts rolling down the road. Exploring new places, riding old familiar roads and everything in between. I can’t wait for those days.

Right now, as old man winter has finally arrived bringing us some cold wet snow to cover the ground like a beautiful quilt of white, we can sit back and look fondly on past rides. Share photos of cool bikes, beautiful back roads and scenery that reminds us of how gorgeous our big world is. Some will write about these days, other will read and still more will remember all these special moments we have experienced.

One of my favorite poets from long ago once wrote…

“Don’t think the garden loses its ecstasy in winter. It’s quiet, but the roots are down there riotous.” — RUMI

Like a well tendered garden, a little snow cover will not dampen my ecstasy in exploring on my motorcycle, my roots reach deep and are very riotous in their passion for two wheels. The bikes may be sitting quiet in my “garden” but don’t let that fool you either. Inside they are just a riotous, waiting for the click of the key, the push of the button and the twist of the throttle!

So, before you know it, the days will be longer, the sun a little warmer and winters tight hold on our days will loosen. As the snow melts and spring awakens our gardens, so the journeys will continue.

So, here’s to the solo journeys if that’s what floats your boat.
The group rides, charity events or riding with your close buddy if that’s your idea of a perfect two wheeled day.

My favorite?

Ask me tomorrow!