Stories from the Road

Before I Die

Before I die_____________

A few years ago, someone painted the side of an Abandoned building in New Orleans with those three simple words leaving a space for people who happen to wander by to fill in the blank.

Since then, other Installations of this art project has sprung up all over the world. Some of the most common things people have put on the wall deal with love, with travel and peace for the world. Some people have put very personal messages up like…” before I die, I want to right all my wrongs” or “before I die, I want to come out of the closet to my family” or “before I die, I want to heal from my pain”

I’ve looked for one of these walls in the past, but they usually don’t last very long. I wondered what i would see if one was near my home and was filled out by people I may know. I also have thought about what I would put up. Would it be something that’s been on my bucket list? Something trivial like ..“Before I die, I want to ride my motorcycle to Alaska “or more personal “before I die, I want my children to heal from mistakes their parents made” or now would it be more global and something like “before I die, I want to see world peace “

Maybe there isn’t just one answer, which makes the idea of this art project truly an amazing thing to see. Just maybe it’s something we all should see and do before we die. I also think it’s brilliant that these walls come and go, why? Well, I feel there shouldn’t be just one thing you should do before you die.
Find a wall or make your own, write your message, then do it!
When your done find another wall and do it!

Don’t stop!

Now that Covid has been here for almost two years causing such havoc in our lives I bet many of you, including myself think about that question, before I die…