Stories from the Road

Have You Been Here Yet?

We’ve all been here haven’t we?
Maybe not this exact spot (this is just outside of Reading PA) but you’ve been here, I know you have!
Couple hundred miles into a couple hundred mile ride, late in the day, on a country back road. A road you’ve never been on, or maybe a road you know like the back of your hand. Either way you approach a corner and what you see is more then just a curve with yellow flowers, but you experience it.
Something that doesn’t happen in a car, only on two wheels.
It doesn’t matter if you’re on a Ducati or any other brand or style. Or if you are alone, two up or with a pack of your friends . If you’re on two wheels you’ve felt it. I know you have,  You lean into the curve feeling the bike tip as you gently accelerate thru the corner, a smile moves across your face as smoothly as the bike flows thru the corner.  The scent of the flowering field , the thrill of what’s around the corner, as you continue around the curve.  As you begin to exit you accelerate, listing to the engine sing as your right wrist twsit the throttle just a little more.  The bike slowly comes up and you are now hard on the throttle just letting the bike drift a little wide.
This is a simple answer to a common question, “ why do you ride?” If we could bottle this up and sell it you could make a million dollars.  But I’m  hear to tell you it wouldn’t be the same. Some times things are better of left unexplained and they just need to be experienced.
After 38 years of two wheels I’m always searching for this corner, Whether it’s one I’ve been on a hundred times, or my first experience.