Stories from the Road

Eat well, because breakfast isn’t until the morning!

Eat well, because breakfast isn’t until the morning!


As I pulled into the Stone Cow Brewery at 4pm on a hot and steamy Sunday afternoon I could see a small trailer parked way up on a hill past the cool barn that had smoke Bellowing out from inside the big bbq pits.

I called Phil the guy who was in charge of setting up the harvest host travelers. “See the dirt road near the bulldozer” he says, “drive up that road towards the big hay barn. The big field on top of that hill is all yours..enjoy” then hangs up before I have the chance to say thank you or ask any questions.

The little dirt road was bumpy, but it led to this big open field on top of a gentle hill. The grass had been cut, and the breeze was blowing gently as I parked the truck and trailer facing east. I figured having the setting sun behind me would give me the most shade for my sitting area just outside the side door. The other trailer parked there looked like its been there awhile, I was clearly going to be alone in this spot tonite.

It was a hot day, and I was a little worried about how hot and sticky the night was going to be. I wanted to test the AC and more importantly the new generator I had purchased to run the AC

“You’ll need heat more then you’ll need AC “ one of my good friends told me once. He is a veteran camper guy, traveling all over the country in a pull behind trailer. Not tonite I won’t, it was still low 90’s as I walked down the hill to the smell of BBQ cooking.

Part of the harvest host deal is you are supposed to, or more recommended that you spend a little money at the establishment that is letting you park and spend the night at. This one was going to be easy. If you’ve been here you’ll know how this place has become a very popular spot for food and good beer.

It didn’t disappoint at all, the ribs, corn on the cob and green salad was delicious. I’m not a huge beer drinker but I did enjoy one of their light ales with my dinner.

Many Harvest Host locations are wineries or Distilleries. I’m more apt to enjoy a glass of vino vs a cold beer now a-days. A sign of getting older? I never use to drink wine; it’s been maybe 6 years since I have found I love the taste of mashed up grapes !

When I returned to my little home on wheels on top of the field I pulled the big generator out, fired her up and turned on One of man’s greatest inventions.

Air conditioning

Then I sat outside hidden from the sun by the big rig.
Pouring myself a glass of wine, taking my book out and settled in for another nite camping.


Now in the past when i thought of camping I didn’t Envision a 30 foot trailer with air-conditioning, comfy bedroom and a full bathroom. To me that wasn’t camping! Camping was sleeping on the ground, in a tent, fighting off bugs and humid nights listening to strange noises around you. Wondering if every bump in the night was that one bear stalking you, just waiting for the Opportunity to find his next meal all wrapped up in a sleeping bag, all yummy and delicious.

This was different, camping yes but it’s something else. Sitting on top of this little hill looking at big open fields all around me I realized this is exactly why I have the big rig.

As the sun set the temps dropped just a little but the muggy air stayed. The generator did a fine job at keeping the camper ice cold, I shut it off around 9pm thinking the camper would stay cool all nite.

It must have been close to midnight, the generator was off the bugs were gone and the wind was blowing just hard enough to make it seem a little chilly.

There was no light pollution at all, and the stars were out. It was one of those nights, laying down flat on a cool quilt that was made for me a lifetime ago I started to notice things moving in the night sky.

It was amazing, the stars were brilliant tonight. The longer i stared up at them the more I could see. I counted 7 shooting stars , some quick burst of flashes some long slow ones crossing was was most likely thousands of miles.

It was such a wonderful experience, one of those times that you realize just how small we are. How the time we have here on this little blue marble is so short in the grand scheme of Existence. It truly was a beautiful night.

I woke up around 4am, and I went back out with my quilt to watch the sunrise. I had my cup of man’s 2nd greatest invention in my hands, Coffee!! As I listened to the day start and enjoyed the big ball of fire rise from the east.

I knew I was only about 30 miles from home but it felt like I was 1000 miles away. This was just a test run for one night, I even had work scheduled for today however I was not in a hurry for it to begin. I had my book, my coffee and some fresh blueberries that I was going to put in my pancakes for breakfast.

On the way home I stopped at a small pond in Princeton and put my canoe in and paddled around a bit. I even jumped in to cool off, then headed home.

I had been gone less then 24 hours but it seemed like a lot longer, does that make any sense?

Oh , and the pancakes were delicious!