Stories from the Road

Dancing Tree on the Trans MA Trail


I took this photo 2 years ago today, I like to call it the dancing girl tree. It’s one of my favorites photos from my motorcycle rides I’ve taken. If you look closely, or better yet let your focus go, use some of your imagination and you might see Jennifer Grey being lifted by Patrick Swayze in the movie Dirty Dancing .

You’ll find this tree along the Trans Mass Trail, a fantastic route put together by Keith (Hulked up) a motorcyclist from Greeenfield Mass. It’s a collection of dirt roads strung together starting in Greenfield ending just over the CT line in the town of Norfolk.

You can google it and download a gps file or send me a message and I can email you the file. I’m sure there is a printed out list of the roads on this route but it would be very hard to follow that way.

Two years ago I took off for the day and rode the route, which was probably my 4th or 5th time doing so. I ran it north to south, and stopped many times to take photos and quick little videos. Which I tend to do often when I ride, there is something I really adore about capturing moments on film when riding my bikes. Film? Ha it’s been a long time since I’ve used a camera that required film, another lost art !

Although I’ve been trying to reduce my FB time and I’ve dropped out of a few groups to help with my strategy to spend more time in the real world vs the online one. I do really enjoy seeing my memories each day on here. Seeing this photo this morning I was transferred back to that beautiful day 2 years back.

The cool thing about that tree is this. I didn’t notice it as I rode by, but just after I went by it I pulled over to take a photo of some cows in a field. As I was getting back on my bike I noticed the dancing girl out of the corner of my eye.

I’m not sure I remember that exact spot, but I know it was right on the TMT. I think maybe I need to open that file on my gps and go ride the route soon and see if I can find baby again?