Stories from the Road


I’ve watched the sunset from many different spots in my life. When I’m out exploring, and I happen to be in a spot to catch it I always stop and watch.

Something so simple and so easy to do. It happens every night, all around the world. It’s just another little moment to fall in love with. All these individual moments will add up to a lifetime of love.

Earlier in the day I was on a lonely dirt back road, only a couple houses on this road for miles. I came around a corner and noticed a sign hung up on a tree, I was going a little to fast to make it out so I banged a u turn and went back. It just simply said

“I choose love”

Well I do too! Lots of Cliche’s said about that 4 letter word, many people are so scared of it. Lots of people say it but their actions don’t match what they say. However I will never let that stop me from saying it when I feel it, I’ll always practice it with my actions and spread it as much as I possibly can.

The sun can set on the day, but it can’t set on love ❤