Stories from the Road

Are you coming?

When does the journey end?

Not knowing what’s around the corner is one of the best reasons to keep going down that road. The world is a great big place with so many amazing views to see. When you lose the desire to keep exploring, to keep moving and to find more of those views then that may be the end.

There are times I think about the end of my journey. Will it come soon or do I have many more roads to explore? Does it go slowly or do you wake up one day and it’s done?

I still have that Insatiable lust to find out what is around that bend in the road. Even though I’ve logged 100s of thousand miles of riding I still seem to be able to find something new to see. I don’t think my journey is ready to end.

I will often sit down with a cup of coffee, my map book and flip thru page after page of maps. Looking for a twisty road I may have missed. Checking for a feature or historical spot that’s listed and researching to see if it’s a place I want to visit.

That’s what we as wanders do, isn’t it?

I still like to just Throw a leg over my bike turn the key and just go. No particular place is planned. It’s just the road that takes me. I’ll turn left when it feels right and just keep moving.

There are days like today, it’s cold the end of one of the most brilliant and beautiful autumns is coming to a close. I just want to fire up my bike and take off. Wishing the sun stays up longer, the roads keep calling. Come ride James, the pavement is perfect, the views are amazing. Journey don’t turn towards home. Come ride!

Yup, my journey isn’t over yet. I got at least one more day in me, one more bend in the road to see what’s over there…

Are you coming?