Stories from the Road

Strings attached to you…

All my memories have strings attached to you.

From my very 1st time riding down that lonely back road in Ashburnham on a hot summer day just to get a cold coke at the local convenience store. Thank you Honda CB450. I didn’t even have my moto license when I took off and explored on that day.

To my very 1st Ducati after almost 20 years of being a total geek about the Bologna motorcycle company. Riding that Yellow Super Sport down the lonely little back road in New Hampshire, listing to the arrow pipes sing! I will never forget hearing that sound for the 1st time!

Learning to raise the front wheel and wheelie for the very first time goes to that lovely’s little Suzuki GS450s then perfecting the art of the wheelie on my 1st Two Stroke bike the ultra-cool 1985 RZ350!

My short-lived experience with a Harley Davidson, sadly a bike at the time I had no interest in owning however now thinking about that 1956 Panhead in my garage! I wish I gave that bike a little more time to wear me down. The kids were young, my business had just started, and we needed the cash for our 1st house purchase. Thank you for that Mr. Panhead!

Ah, the 1986 Kawasaki Concours. That feeling reading every article I could find about the ability to crush mile after mile and still have the sport bike handling all with factory hard saddlebags. I fell in love on that bike, got married while having it. Sadly, the marriage didn’t last but I have a feeling the Connie is probably still running!

That feeling of OMG I just spent how much on a 30-year-old bike that I haven’t even seen in person yet. Then finding a shipping company to bring it home to me, but when the Holy Grail arrives, and I finally get to say I own a Honda NS400R after so many years of dreaming about own one! Heaven!

Believe it or not my 1st touring bike was a 1986 Yamaha FZ600. No one told me back then that you couldn’t strap on some saddlebags to just about anything and take it on several 600-mile days. Was this how “sport touring” was started? Being only 20-year-old kid made curling up on that sport bike not so uncomfortable.

Sitting at a traffic light with a special girl sitting behind me hand on her knee talking in the helmets about life and all the crazy ups and downs of it. Thinking about new experiences, relationships and exploring. Big Blue (Triumph 1200 Explorer) has been a great two up bike to own, the ultimate adventure touring bike, she has taken me all over the east coast and has had some precious cargo on the back. I’m still looking for that forever passenger to hope on the back with me and ride off in the sunset with!

I could go on, there are more strings here, all lovely memories to have and to share with you. Maybe 32 so far or is it 33 now? I guess I should count them someday.

However, I once heard a quote about things you shouldn’t count….

” Years, lovers and Glasses of wine, these are things you should never count”

I think we should add motorcycle to that list. Not one of my old strings would want to be just another number from the past. They all hold such a special spot in my memories