A first ride….report

Remember your first ride?

The anticipation before the ride had you really excited and slightly nervous. As it got closer to the time of the ride you felt those little butterflies in your stomach. Then when sitting on the machine waiting for it to start a little voice inside your head said ” this is not a good idea” When the ride starts and for the first few minutes you are terrified and quite sure you made a big mistake. But after a few minutes you open your eyes and start to enjoy the speed and the feeling of leaning side to side. By the end of your first ride you got a smile a mile long and you cant wait for the next one to happen. Your hooked!

Well this is a short story of a first ride. Not mine by the way, and not even on a motorcycle. This is about Lizzy’s first ride! 

Let me explain a little more…

I was going thru my photo’s on the computer, putting some of the older ones on a new hard drive I just bought. Lizzy was sitting on my lap while doing this and we came across some photo’s she liked. 

One  year towards the end of my Canada trip Mrs OSJ and the kids met me in Bethel ME. I took a much needed day off from riding and took the family to Santa’s Village for the day. 

We had an absolute ball riding all the rides and doing the normal things family do when at an amusement park. 

At one point we walked by a smaller roller coaster and Gracie asked if we could go on it. I looked at Lizzy and asked her if she was game?

No way she says, ” Im not big enough for that, its too scary”

I didn’t push her so we kept on going. Later in the day we went by it again and out of the blue she asked me if she went on it would the whole family go with her?

You bet I said, then Victoria grabbed her hand and said..” Sit with me, I love roller coasters ” 

So off we went to ” Rudy’s Rapid Transit Coaster ” For Lizzy’s first ride!

Grace and I sat in front, then Victoria & Liz and followed by Michelle & Caroline. Lizzy was excited but nervous sitting waiting for the ride to start

The first up hill climb was easy, Im sure she was thinking this is nothing! Not knowing what to expect at the top of the hill!

At the bottom of the first hill I think she might have been thinking this was a big mistake. But the best was yet to come. 

After another short hill we had this fast corkscrew to whip around. Not upsidedown, but kind of like going down a drain of a tub. Not very steep but kind of quick. I don’t think Lizzy was ready for this! I managed to catch one more shot as we whipped around one of these corners.

I rest of the ride was uneventful and when it came to a stop at the end, I looked back at Liz and she said in a low voice…” Can we do it again? ” We went and got some Ice Cream first then headed back to Rudy’s ride did it again. She’s hooked!