Stories from the Road

A New England Motorcyclist

Why is New England the best place to be a motorcyclist?

Easy, because it’s where I find myself!

Truth be told, it’s the only region I’ve lived in! I’ve traveled to other places, but I always come home to New England. It’s all I know.

It’s easy to think of other places that might be better, especially on mornings like today. It’s a balmy 26° this morning. We received about 8 inches of snow yesterday however it’s a beautiful sunny morning.

Just about a week ago the temps were close to 60 degrees with beautiful sunshine. I was riding my motorcycle almost every day last week.

Now, Southern California or maybe the hills of west Texas would be a better place for a motorcyclist to be right now, but it wouldn’t be home.

So instead of riding today I find myself sifting through photos I have taken over the years on beautiful warm sunny days. I will share a few with you on this post.

I’m drinking my coffee from a mug that has an image of a motorcycle on it and I have some podcasts of motorcycle racers playing in the background.

So even though I am not actively out riding my motorcycle right now I’m still participating in a very important part of being a motorcyclist in New England.

On mornings like this I often think of something written a long time ago about New England by poet Anne Bradsheet.

“If we had no winter the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity prosperity would not be so welcome.”

That it’s such a great quote because not only does it pertain to the actual winter versus spring/summer, but you can also use it to help understand how any adversity that you may experience will only be temporary. Knowing the taste of prosperity after will be sweet.

If you’re a motorcyclist in New England or other areas that you find yourself having to park your bike for a length of time because of cold snowy weather. You can most certainly understand how when that first warm spring day you find yourself out on your motorcycle on a back road enjoying the warmth of the sun it can taste just a little sweeter because of the winter we go through to get here.

I often find myself sitting down on warm sunny days remembering cold days like today. I believe it’s a way that I help myself enjoy those warm sunny days just a little more a way I reconnect with my past. It only seems fair, or a way to balance my life.

That taste of adversity always heightens the sweetness of prosperity.