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What Makes A Motorcycle Special?

What makes a motorcycle special?

When I was taking these photos I over heard the couple next to me talking. Maybe in there mid 60s both wearing Harley t shirts, the gentleman says oh my this is a special bike, pointing to the beautiful SB2! Then she says, what’s so special about it looks like any other sport bike?

I went next to her and leaned in and said it’s special because its a Bimota.

Then she asked why is a Bimota special?

Well many reasons I said, but first one is do you see any other Bimotas here? Then I explained how they name their bikes and how there have been KBs, DBs, HBs and even a BB Bimota. Which if you don’t know is basically the initials of the motorcycle the first letter is the first name which is the engine. In this case a Suzuki, the second is the last name Bimota and the number is the model.

Also, it’s how the name of the company was born, using the 1st two letter of the 3 people who founded the Italian compan back in the very early 70s.

BIanchi, MOrri and TAmburini

You may recognize that last name , Massimo Tamburini had some other successes in designing some iconic bikes like the Ducati Paso, and 916 and later in the Resurrection of the MV Augusta line.

This beautiful example is the Suzuki Bimota 2, or second generation using a Suzuki motor, every Bimota up to this model which came out in 1977 was a race or track only machine. The SB2 was the 1st street legal Bimota, and I think only 150 of these were made.

Very special indeed!

I’m not sure she paid much attention to what I quickly tried to tell her that made this beautiful red and white bike special. I tried my best, but maybe all those details don’t mean much to every one who rides motorcycles, and that’s okay too!

I remember there was a small dealership out in Western Mass that sells Moto Guzzis that has a Bimota Tesi parked out back. Maybe it’s time I go for a ride and go take a look at that!

You might be thinking, James you said all Bimota models are named with the Initials of the engine manufacture 1st? What’s a Bimota Tesi??

Well, that’s a very special bike!

And another story!