New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

Who Am I

My name is James Cormier, and I’m a motorcyclist.

167081_106932386048411_761808_nI’ve been riding motorcycles since 1983 over the course of those e years I have owned 24 motorcycles and logged some 400,000 miles on them. Mostly here in New England. I’ve had everything from small Honda scramblers, Ducati sport bikes, and just about everything in between. I’ve toured on two stroke sport bikes, and big heavy touring bikes. I’ve also traveled on every numbered highway in New England and continue to ride here today. My love of everything two wheels and this great area we live in has been the driving force behind New England Sport Touring.

Motorcycling is also in my family. I met my wife when I had a 1986 Kawasaki Concours, one for the first purpose built sport touring motorcycles. We fell in love on that bike and also fell in love with touring.


The last 25 years together we have traveled all over New England and beyond on many different motorcycles. Our children are now getting into the act as well, all of our 4 girls have been on ride with their dad, but one has chosen to get her own license and hit the road herself. And finally my wife has been bit by the “must ride your own bug” and plans on riding her Ninja 250 alongside me!

Why I ride

I ride for many reasons; the most important is because I don’t have to have a reason to ride! Just the act of being on the bike, wind flowing thru my helmet and the road moving underneath me is all I need. It’s fun, and for me that is all you need to say. Yes it’s also practical; it uses less fuel than cars, easier on traffic congestion and better for our environment. There are people that ride motorcycles for practical reasons, however most that will be on a forum like this will not fall into that category. This is a passion sport or activity.


What is Sport Touring?

So this website is called New England Sport Touring, you’ve figured out the New England part, but what is a sport Touring bike? The easy answer is a motorcycle built with the engine of a sport bike and the wind protection and comfort of a touring bike. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? If you do a quick Google search you will see bikes like Yamaha FJR, Kawasaki Concours or BMW K1200 and so on. While all those bikes do qualify as a sport touring bike I would suggest that it goes a lot deeper than that.

group ride

It’s more of a type of riding than the bike itself. Do you have to ride fast? Do you have to ride far? Or both at the same time? No and yes, its all what you make of it and how you want to ride.


What is this site all about?

Well there are a few reasons why I decided to come up with the NEST site. A few of them are for people to read my “trip reports” of rides I have done in the past. Since I started using digital cameras in October of 2004 I’ve been taking many photos while riding. And it just came natural to write down my experiences, posting them online for others to read and enjoy has been so much fun.

I also want to have a place where other New England motorcyclist can come and join a message board and create a whole new community of people that have a common interest in riding.  Not a brand specific  forum or a structured motorcycle group with rules.  Just a great place to hang out, share stories, great places to visit on your bike and find similar people to ride with.

So if you haven’t already take a moment and sign up with us and find your way over to the message board and post up in the introductions folder.