New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

Hot Saturday ride with the OSJ’s

Its been a while since I posted over on this thread.  If you follow me on FB (  you know my bikes never sit very long.   Its just so easy to send photos to FB to share, and I just simply forget to post them up over here.

Yesterday Mrs OSJ wanted to get some more miles under her belt on the little Ninja.  She still rides the DR, but is really enjoying the little yellow sport bike.

  Even though it was hot and muggy we still geared up and hit the road.

Lizzy was at a pool party and Grace was at a cast party so we had 4 hours to ourselves.  


We rode out to Rutland and stopped for lunch at KP’s Diner (formally the grand slam café) Sorry no photo’s of lunch.  But I will say I had one of the best chicken salad sammies I’ve had in a long time.  Toasted wheat bread with lettuce tomato and onions.  Oh my. What a good lunch.

From here we headed out in search of some tags.  ST.N tag was a moose sign..


and yes, this is Mrs OSJ’s tag.  Im just the photographer in the family now..she’s the tag queen!

She replaced it with this…


a statue of someone sitting.

We rode only 75 miles yesterday, but I was a great 75 miles.  Following my wife and the love of my life on two wheels is such a special feeling.   Seeing both bikes parked when we stop for a coffee break is still something Im not use to. 


but I like it!

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