New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

I didn’t sleep well last night

So Mrs OSJ let me sleep in today!

When I did awake I was greeted by a wonderful Ham, Egg and cheese breakfast sammie and a warm cup of coffee.
Once that was done it was time to ride!
I wanted to head west today, towards Pittsfield and North Adams.  Two tags were on the list and lunch with an old friend as well, a non motorcycle friend that is.  But before we started we had a visitor stop by.
Mr Black from ST.N was heading east for the day and happen to be riding by our place just as we were heading out.  He stopped in and chatted for a few min, and got to meet Mrs OSJ for the first time.  Yes he was very polite, I don’t care what you all say about him on ST.N he’s a very nice guy!

So off he goes, and we mount the KLR for a quick ride to my office to switch to the yellow machine.

It was  a little chilly in the shady spots, and the roads were still wet from the melting snow. Mrs. OSJ took some photo’s from the back seat as we traveled all back roads out to Pittsfield.

About 60 min into the ride we stop here, looks like a cool place to put the new tag that I will be getting, and could make for a neat theme tag as well.
We also found some candy canes, which happen to be the current theme tag on ST.N..
This  photo was the current NER MA tag.  Downtown Pittsfield!  Gotta make a rule about tags in downtown areas.
From here I wanted to head due north to North Adams for the ADV MA tag and our meeting spot but we took longer than planned to get to Pittsfield so we needed to eliminated that from our route.  Lunch fell apart with my friend as well so we were off to eat on our own.

No problem, because the next town over is one of our favorate places to get coffee and lunch.

If your in the area of Dalton you gotta stop by,  they make awesome sammies and very tasty Latte’s!

We posted our tags with the Droid and relaxed over our lunches!
From here we headed back east towards home.  We took some familiar roads and we also did some exploring. It was weird how some towns had tons of snow left, and other ones you couldn’t even tell it snowed at all?

We found lots of these signs throughout the day…
they always make me smile!
after 265 miles we arrive back at home… tired but happy!


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