New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

2 days of twenty degree riding. 12/10/2010

I had to get some plow parts.

So what’s a better vehicle to use to do this?
My Ducati of course!!
It didn’t matter the temps were never going to get above freezing, I wanted to ride. And the plow store was in Holden, only 4 miles away from my office. So off I went.
Along the way I took a little detour. The Warrior ( a member of the NER message board ) set the MA tag to a little deli I drive by a lot when I’m working. However this deli is in Grafton, about 15 miles in the opposite direction of the parts store.

After I snapped the photo for the tag I decided I wanted to keep riding. I remembered the NER and ADV Conn tags were pretty close to each other. I figured they were less than 80 miles from where I was. No problem…use some back roads I know to cut thru Millbury, Sutton, Oxford and Dudley and I would be in CT in no time.

Along the way I stopped for a few photo’s
Once in CT I took route 197 from the MA line to I84. What a great road this is, fresh pavement and really nice sweeping corners. However it was pretty cold and shady so I took it easy. No peg scraping this time of year, just riding and enjoying my day.

I stopped at the junction of 197 and 198 to take this photo.
The new CT tag will be placed here, for both the NER and ADV boards. So go get a 2fer
When I reached 84 I took that for a few miles. I got off in Tolland and went up to the town common for this photo.

It was the ADV tag. Right down the street I found a Dunkin Donuts so I pulled over and went inside to warm up, and have a little snack. I also posted up my tags for the ADV board. Those guys do a lot of tagging, so sometimes it changes more than once in a day. I got bruced a few weeks ago on that board so I wanted to make sure I got this one.
After my post went up I got back on 84 and traveled north for a few exits. My heated gear struggled a bit on the highway to keep me warm. Some cold spots were obvious when the speeds were in the 75+ range. Just off the highway I found the NER Conn tag.

I parked here for a few minutes, letting my gloves and jacket pick up some heat and warm me up. I decided to skip the highway for the ride home and explore some back roads.
Once back in MA I found a few more things to stop and take photos of.

Just as I was entering Holden from rt 31 in Paxton I remembered why I started this ride. Plow parts! It was later afternoon, maybe 3:30 and luckily for me they were still open. However they didn’t have the part I needed.
I arrived back at my office, 5 hrs later and with 145 more miles on the odometer.
So tomorrow I have to go to another store for the parts I need…what should I take?
so the next day.. and I was home by 10:30 The truck was ready for winter.
But I wasn’t, I still wanted to ride!!! This time I took the KLR out. It would be the first really cold ride on this machine. I did have a gerbin plug so I would still have heated gear. I didn’t think the KLR would be any colder than the duck. Boy was I wrong. The KLR or Kowalski as Lizzy calls it..has limited wind protection.

I have a pair of Hippo hands that came with it, but I didn’t think I would need them today. Heated grips worked great, I was amazed at how warm these are. I didn’t bring my regular gloves, only my gerbins but I could still feel the warmth of those grips.
I headed north from home and stopped in the center of Princeton.

Then took a little ride down by the ski area. I was surprised to find the place open and people skiing.
Just down the road from the mountain is this place
These people have been doing this for as long as I can remember. I will try and get out here late in the winter so you can see how big this becomes.
From here I took a few back roads up into Sterling than Leominster, riding by Vachon’s Wilidlife sanctuary I thought I had the video camera running while on these roads, turns out I didn’t.
Then at the bottom of the hill I stopped here for some photos.
I thought I was switching the camera off video and wanted to do a timer shot…this is what I found when I got home. had to stop a few times between home and here to let myself warm up. But while I was leaving the little school house I noticed no heat on my right foot. It didnt take long for that foot to go numb. I toughed it out and kept moving.

I rode up thru Leominster and into Lunenburg and planned on going thru Groton and Littleton working my way to Moto Market. However at some point I must have blew a fuse because I lost all heat and even lost my heated grips.
So instead I pointed the fender south on Rt 70 and started to work my way home. I took some nice back roads thru Lancaster and came upon this place
ah Lara…
And just down the road from them I found another one of these.
Then stopped here for a quick photo,
By this time I was freezing, and my sides were really killing me. I sent Mrs OSJ a txt and told her I was coming home, and turn up the HEAT!
As I approached my driveway I noticed I had only done 92 miles..I had to do at least 100 to consider it a real ride…so I blew past my house and went for a quick 4 mile ride, ;
then turned around and came home. Tripping the meter over at 100 just as I rolled to a stop.
My feet were like ice cubes and my face was pretty cold, but my torso was the worse, I had huge red marks all over and it really hurt to the touch. It almost felt like I was burnt. Mrs OSJ gave me a big hug and wrapped me up in a blanket and warmed me up! I was happy! The Kowalski did a good job, just gotta find out why she blew the fuse and make sure I carry a few spares with me on the next ride.

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