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New England Sport Touring

WHP open house

It was Saturday May 17th and White Horse Press was having their spring open house.  If you don’t know what WHP is, well let me tell you. Its a very cool little store in Center Conway New Hampshire that sells tons of goodies to us motorcyclist.  While they don’t technically have a retail store they welcome bikers to come to their place and roam freely around the warehouse.  The sell gear, gadgets, movies and books.  Every spring they host an open house that attracts people from all over.  This day we had a few NERd’s meet up in West Boylston MA for the ride up.

Starting together at my fav place to start rides from…

I was set to meet up with a few other riders…..

Phat Pat on his VFR

STdave on his ST1300

Along the way we were to pick up a few more riders to our group.

STP or ChevyPC on his ST1300

JJFlash7 also know as Jack on his VFR

And Hoss otherwise know as Big Pat on his tiny little Triumph 675

Our plan was to take the direct route up to North Conway, but still stay off the highways.  Kind of a back road direct way.  I sent a gps file to Phat Pat the night before and instructed him to lead us.  For once I was tail of the group on my brand new Multistrada.  Oh, if you know know me here is a photo for you

You should watch how my hair grows during this year long trip report, My plan was to not cut my hair until a American wins a motoGP race or WSBK race on foreign soil.  You’ll find out later on how that worked out for me.  But here is a preview  ( some 6 months later )

Okay, back to the ride.  We left West Boylston and headed north on Rt13, we picked up Phil and Jack in Lunenburg then Hoss in Milford NH.  The ride started out a little wet but by the time we reached Mount Vernon the sun was shining.

This route was a test to see how well Pat could follow his GPS.  I think he only missed one turn along the way, so when he 2610 recalculated it took him, and all of us on this little short cut

I had a habit of putting a few dirt roads in my rides, and some of the people that follow me are usually ready for something like this.  I had told everyone “no dirt roads” at the begriming of this ride….so much for that.

Our planned stop was for my first official Harley Tour Card stamp.  It was here

We were surprised to see so few motorcycle’s at the dealership on such a nice day for a ride.  Once our cards were stamped, Phat Pat and Phil also completed the tour card program we mounted the bikes and continued our journey north.

We arrived at WHP somewhere around 11:30, ready to shop and eat!

I planned to meet up with a few other NERd’s while up here.  Lunatic Tim from Maine with his lovely wife were gonna be there, as well as Tbirdrider…now versey rider was also gonna be there.

We found Alan out in the parking lot standing next to his shinny new bike

And Tim & Kim were already in line for the free grub

I dont like to shop on an empty stomach, so we all got in line about 5 min behind the Lunni couple.  We did manage to all sit together and enjoy my company

After the viddles we walked around and checked out the machines. Turns out one of Phat Pat’s buddies was there on his Honda

Ive always wanted to take one of these for a ride.  I think this bike is for sale now (1/24/09)  I also found another twin that I almost bought a few years ago.

Some other cool bikes throughout the parking lot

So after some shopping, gawking and talking we figured it was time to head home.  I was gonna take over the lead for the ride home and I didn’t tell anyone what roads we would be using.  Only thing I warned them was to hold on!

We say goodbye to Tim & Kim for they need to head north to Maine, and our group is heading south.  We make a quick stop into North Conway Harley (the only dealership I didnt get a photo at) and get our stamps.

From here we make our way to the Kancamagus Highway

Which is one of those roads you must ride at least once.  Ive been coming up here since the mid 80′s when I use to tour on this thing..

As we get on the highway there are no cars in front of us.  Only 2 bikes way up ahead.  It doesn’t take long for our group to catch up to the 2 bikes.  The lead was an early Triumph Daytona and the 2nd was a EX500.  They see us coming and pick up the pace as we approach them. Im thinking, this is gonna be a good ride.  As we approach the first tight left hand corner I watch the green triumph lean in and I hear it accelerate out hard.  To my surprise the guy on the EX brakes really hard in mid corner…scaring the crab out of me.  I back way off.  I watch the triumph pass 2 cars as we file in behind the little Kawi.   I gave the guy a few minutes to see if he was gonna pass the cars, after he paused a few times I just took off and passed him and the cars.  Phat Pat and Dave were right behind me.

By this time the Triumph was out of our site.  We were on a mission to catch him.  This was the first time I got a chance to see how the multi was gonna perform.  I was not disappointed!  We caught the Daytona and rode with him for a while.  Then he looked in his mirror and realized he had 3 other bikes stuck to him and his buddy was nowhere to be found.  He slowed down and let us pass. 

I didn’t get any photos for quite a while. I just didn’t have time to think of anything else.  We were flying, and occasionally we would need to pass a car here and there.  For the most part it was not crowed and we had the road to ourselves.  Once we got past the hairpin turn I came to the first real obstacle.  The group, maybe 16 or 18 cruisers lined up perfectly 2 by 2. Traveling at the speed limit.  Now normally I would fall just fall back and relax and try to enjoy the ride when I come to a group like this.  But we had too much of the highway left, and I saw my opening and I took it!

That was alot of bikes to pass and Im sure I got some comments directed at me for doing it.  Especially the last 2 I passed, I think I was approaching 130 on the speedo when I went by them.

At the end of the Kanc I pulled over for all of us to regroup.  Amazingly I had a few of the HD riders wave to me as they pass, and when the Daytona went by I got the thumbs up!

From Lincoln grabbed Rt3 south only for a few miles.  We took a left onto Rt175 in Woodstock and followed that for 25 miles.  If you’ve never been on this road your missing one of the best in New Hampshire.  Twisty, bumpy and fun all rolled into one.

Me, Pat and Dave quickly took off from the others.  Hoss, Phil and Jack held up the back of the pack.  At one point I had just passed a tow truck and came over a rise only to see a cop coming the other way.  We made eye contact and I figured I was nabbed.  For some reason he never doubled back to get me.  Well the reason why was explained to me in 20 min or so.  The 3 of us got to the intersection of 175 and 49.  While waiting at the lights we expected the other 3 to catch up to us.  They never did, so we rolled thru the lights and pulled over to wait.

I had a feeling they were not so lucky with the LEO.  While we were waiting another NERd happen to be riding by, he stopped by and told us he just rode by 3 sportbikes pulled over by the cops

I wanted to go and ride by and take a photo of those speed demons, but I figured the cop would recognize me and pull me over.  So we stayed and waited for the felons

Here they come!

Now they did luck out, and only got a warning.  But I was shocked to hear my good buddy Phil threw me under the bus with the fuzz.  When the cop was talking to him Phil said, Gezz I didn’t think we were going that fast, matter fact you should have seen the guy on the red bike that just passed us!  The cop said back to him ” I did see him, but I figured I would never catch him, so I waited for you guys”

Well we stood around and laughed for a while, then got back on the bikes for the ride to ice cream.  We finished 175, then took 132 which is another great motorcycle road. In Concord we used I89 to rt202 which brought us to Kimballls for desert.

We parked with all the other cool bikes and had some great ice cream

The ride home was uneventful, No speeding tickets just some great miles with some good friends.

2 down 25 to go!


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