2008 | New England Sport Touring

Year: 2008

  • 8/8/08


    Yeah I know, Im in the middle of my 4 day Maine trip report, it should be finished by Sunday night.  But I gotta tell ya all about Friday’s ride.  It was a blast! I left WB at 6:45 am.  Roads were wet, temps were cool, but the duck is hot! I had to get […]

  • A first ride….report

    A first ride….report

    Remember your first ride? The anticipation before the ride had you really excited and slightly nervous. As it got closer to the time of the ride you felt those little butterflies in your stomach. Then when sitting on the machine waiting for it to start a little voice inside your head said ” this is […]

  • Hooky for a Harley…with a new suit to boot!

    Hooky for a Harley…with a new suit to boot!

    Today was the first day in a long while I got a chance to ride my red Ducati.  And of course I wanted a few friends to come along with me.  Not all my usual riding buddies could join me today, but I did get Gary, Dave and Phat Pat to come along with me. […]