New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

In search of Rockets, Bridges with a lunatic & moose thrown in!


Well, I got this pile of mulch in my driveway that needs to get spread in the back yard, the lawn needs mowing and I have some plants that need planting.  Memorial Weekend would be a great time to do these chores, but than again…it will wait till next weekend right?

I planned on going to VT on Saturday to look at some heli bars for the connie, and while up there I wanted to search out some items on the OSJ Treasure hunt rally.  Thats better then spreading mulch any day!

My good friend Magilla was heading up north as well for the weekend away on his new FJR.  A road trip was soon in the making.   And this is how it went

We left from my driveway at noon on Friday

Our plan was to head up thru NH, stop at some secret locations, then hit Whitehorse press for some moto goodies, and end our ride in Bethel ME at fellow NERd Chad’s place.

Im used to seeing Mike on the big valk behind me, its a little different seeing the FJR!



Our first gas stop, Mike had to adjust the heater on the bike, and try to cool things off a little.  The temps where getting warm, and I had my Camel back set up in my coat, and it kept me nice & cool.


After some fast twisty riding we the quest put this road in front of us…maybe she thought we where riding GS’s or Stroms instead of a Connie or FJR.  Mike said lets keep going, how bad can it be?


Mike stayed quite far behind me, to keep the dust off the nice shinny new bike


Once we hit pavement again, our ride led us to this small little town in NH with this cool attraction in the center of town.  Turns out its been here since 1971!


After a quick brake we continued our journey north.  We made our way over to rt 118 on the west side of I93.  Man what a beautiful road to take on 2 wheels.  We were in sport touring bliss.  Conditions were perfect, traffic was light, and the tires were sticking, what could go wrong?

Well when you see a sign saying ” moose crossing” be prepared!  As we came around a right hand corner, in the middle of our lane was a huge MOOSE!  I drifted into the on coming lane, as he looked up and noticed 2 motorcycles coming towards him.  Thank god we startled him, and he ran back into the woods.  Mike was was able to watch him gallop back down a fire road, while I checked my shorts

At the end of 118 were it merges onto the Kanc Highway I let the big FJR take over the lead.  Mike mumbled something about french music, and fast riding so I did my best to stay with him.


We made it to Whitehorse press at 4:50pm, just in time for some last minute shopping.  I had nothing on my wish list this time, but Mike needed some gear, and drop some cash!


As it was getting dark, we rode up rt113 into ME, and up and over Evans Notch road.  What a cool road to ride, it was in great condition and the scenery was spectacular.  Just at it was getting dark we arrived…


Our stop for the night.  NERd Chad McGrew set us up with a great 2 bedroom condo for the night. 

Not sure if every room comes with one of these, but this lunatic was wait for us here


The rain was just starting to fall, and Tim was in the cage so he offered to drive us all to dinner.  After a great steak tip dinner at Suds Pub, we were ready to crash for the night.  250 miles in a half day made us quite tired.


Thank goodness Mike gave me the room with the bunk beds :) 

I slept on the bottom bunk, too tired to climb the ladder

The next morning the sun was shining and the roads were dry.  Our plan was to take rt 26 north out of Maine into NH, and follow it to Colebrook.  What another great road this was, it had been 17 years since I’ve been on this stretch of roadway.  The last time I had Michelle on the back of our 86 concours, back in the summer of 89.   This time she let me have a few days on the bike alone with a good friend.  She is a great women! 

Okay, enough of that stuff….Mike started the day in front.  He did a great job testing out just how well the FJR handles.  We kept seeing more Moose signs but no moose…whew!!




Once we reached Colebrook NH crossed into VT via Rt114. This followed the VT/Canada border for several miles.  We stopped in Norton Vt to get a photo of a international boarder. The only problem is they don’t allow photos on the property anymore, so this will have to do



As you can see by the gps photo, it was 11:30 am and we where on the Canadian boarder, and it was starting to rain.  We still had several stops I wanted to make in VT so it was time to get moving, and quick.  I took over the lead and pointed the fenders south to find better weather and a bridge I’ve been wanting to ride over for some time.

We stopped at our first Dunkin Donuts of the day, but instead of getting some bagels or donuts to snack on Mike thought of some better things to get..


Yup, I finally got to go to the Famous P&H and have some pie!!

Oh and lunch as well, but the Banana cream pie was just awesome.

On our way to the P&H I saw another moose, but this one was very safe to see on the side of the road


Now on the way down to the diner, I let Mike lead on the highway,  look at my gps and this tells you the type of highway bike these big sport tourers are, cruising down the highway at these speeds just feel okay in upstate VT and on these bikes


After stuffing ourselves and getting some rest in, we needed to find something…another dirt road led us to…..


We both made it across with little fan fare, the deck sure is slippery but very doable on 2 wheels


By this time it was almost 3pm and we were smack dap in the middle of the state.  So the ride home started off so great, seems because we did dirt roads earlier in the trip, the gps must have thought we enjoyed them. 

So again it sent us down, and up some interesting roads….all 7 miles of dirt roads!


Once we were done playing in the dirt, Another highway run was needed to get us home at a reasonable time.  Again Mike took over the lead, only to pull into the 2nd rest area to smooth his sore butt.  Seems the big Yamaha needs some better engineers in the seat department these days.

Here is the big guy resting

After the butt pain subsided, we continued south, I had to find one more place, it took some time to get there, but we found it

By 6pm I was home, in my driveway. 

Tired from a great day of riding. Spending some time with a good friend, and riding my motorcycle all over New England.

   A little over 600 miles in a 1.5 days wasn’t that bad.  We had some fast times, great food,and visited with a great friend in Maine.

Now I gotta get to that mulch pile in the driveway :)

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