New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

Rewind the day..a backwards report

As the sun set behind Mt Wachusett, I sat on the side of the road in Harvard MA and thought about the day I just had. 

I had just spent the last hr or so blasting down rt. 495 & rt. 2 trying to get home before it got dark, when I realized that wasn’t going to happen I opted for a few back roads to finish the trip.  This spot on Prospect Hill Rd in Harvard has a great view of the leominster area and Mt Wachusett in the background.  The sun had just set behind the hills when I pulled over


The stop before this was about one hr earlier, I had stopped briefly in Hampton Beach.  Just a quick stop for a pic of the ocean.  Not too many people hanging out at this time up there.


The sun had been shinning all day, and the temps were just right for riding.  It was getting late and my belly was full, well full of some delicious lobster that I had just up the street in Rye NH right on the ocean.


Not too many places open up here, but this one looked like a good place to stop.  While I sat outside and started my dinner, the guy walked up and asked if I wouldn’t mind some company.  Seems he had some stories to tell but no one to talk with. 

I welcomed him to join me, I ate my lobster roll & Corn Chowder while he ate his Ice Cream.  Turns out he work in the court system for many years and told me stories of famous trials he worked, and then all about his 3 grown children.  I didn’t speak much, just listened.  I  snapped this photo while he was talking. 


The other reason I didn’t talk much, I was enjoying my meal soo much.  I hadn’t had a lobster roll in a while, and this one was very good!  The corn chowder was awesome as well


Just before this stop I ran up and down Ocean Blvd from Hampton to Portsmouth. Big beautiful houses on one side and the ocean in all her glory on the other.  Not too many places to stop, but I managed to snap a few photos

Maybe 15 min before this last photo I was in the parking lot of Great Bay Triumph/Ducati for the fall open house.  This trailer was just parked out in the road with a bunch of used bike in it. A very cool VF1000R was parked at the end of the trailer.


It was  3:30 and the party was wrapping up, so not too much for me to see or eat here.  I had asked a local for a place to get a good Lobster Roll and he informed me of the Beach Plum. 

This guy was trying to talk the salesman into letting him take a Rocket 3 out for a test run.  But you could tell the salesmen was not going to let him ride it, he even looked nervous letting him sit on it.   The parking lot had some nice bikes.  That red Multi is something I am drooling over and can’t wait to test ride some day soon!


As I got there this guy pulls in with his son on the back and almost falls over in the parking lot. Good thing he saved it,  but I couldn’t believe his son had shorts & Flip flops on.   


I had just finished a quick 30 miles or so on rt.101 from just east of Manchester. While stopped at a fuel station I was talking with a father & son who were out riding.  The son had a beautiful bubble bee R1 with some 46 numbers all over it.   The dad had a GSXR1000.  Both in full leathers. 

We talked about the roads around that area.  They liked my duck with all the gadgets on it, and informed me of a open house at Great Bay Ducati.  Seeing the road in the mountains were packed with Q-tips leaf peeping I figured the ocean might be a better place to go to.

I was just coming to the end of rt149, my new fav New England road when my fuel light came on.  I had been having so much fun running up and down this road I didn’t even remember when I needed to get some fuel.

If you’ve never been on rt. 149 between Hillsboro & Weare Nh then your missing one great road.  Its only 12 miles but a good 12 miles!  Not too many cross roads, and very few driveways to worry about someone pulling out on ya.  I had such a good time I decide to turn around and do it again & again!

At the very beginning of rt149 in Hillsboro I found some old trucks on the side of the road.  Just a few

Turns out this is Dick Kemps truck farm. Just a old guy that collects trucks and parks them all over his property. He welcomes people to stop by and walk around.  he will point out the one sign in the front that reads ” I shot every 3rd bullshiter that comes here, and 2 just left “   plus the one that says ” if you find yourself here at night, you will find yourself here in the morning ” with a pic of a gun underneath the saying. 

He’s got quite a collection


Here is his office, stop in and say hi if you find yourself around this area.  He seemed like a very nice guy.

Just before I found Mr. Kemps property I was riding around the back roads of Peterborough NH looking for some less crowed roads.  I found a few that will need to be shared with my friends sometime soon.

One such road goes around Cunningham Pond and looks on to Mt Pack Monadnock & Miller state Forest

Just riding around exploring is something that you cant do with a huge group behind you.  I enjoy doing this from time to time.

You find some cool places to stop and explore. 

I love old building, and some of the coolest old buildings are churches in some of these small New England towns. Here are a few ones I stopped at


This last one was taken in Shirley a town not too far from the start of my ride on this day.  I was all alone today riding. My good friend Phil was working with his dad on his  commercial property in town.


I stopped by just to give him a little dig for working all day while I was going riding.  Here is Phil & Dad ( Ray ) hard at work.


Seems I just couldn’t get everything lined up with my friends this weekend.   Doug ( Shadowrunner ) email me about going out to Lake George with him, but I had to work myself in the am, so I couldn’t get a early enough start to fit his schedule.

Roger ( Flyboy ) was going to come because he really wanted to see Mr. Kemps place.  Seeing he was leaving for England the next day his wife’s response to him when he asked if he could spend the day with me riding was……

” no way in hell “

So I decided that a little NH journey was in order.  Alone on the duck for half the day wasn’t all that bad.   Michelle planned on taking the kids shopping in the afternoon so she gave me the green light to spend a little time on the bike.

I watched the sun rise from my truck.  I had some commercial properties I like to do on weekends and it was time for their apps. I figured if I started early enough I could be done by 10am and get some miles in the afternoon.

The day went like this :)

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