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New England Sport Touring

OSJ rides home..

Im OSJ..or DunkinDuck or New England Sport Touring…okay I’m really Jim
I’ve been riding motorcycles since the early 80′s and have managed to put on many miles, riding all over New England.   Only started taking photo’s and writing trip reports once digital cameras came out, or at least once I finally got one of my own, which was 2004. I’ve been on many message boards since then and have my trip reports posted on almost all of them.  It was time I put them all together in one spot, that is what is all about.   I thought it was time I shared some of my riding tales… here goes.
 Rides in Mass in Feb are pretty short, so are the reports, this was one day last week.
I slept in today, or I should say Mrs. OSJ let me sleep in today. As I was lying there in bed around 8:30 Michelle comes in and says “Its beautiful outside, you should go for a ride today” I laid there for a minute and thought, boy am I one lucky guy to be married to her. Usually she rides with me, but when the temps dropped below 45, she hung her gear up. Put I figure you all would like to see her on a nice sunny day in Vermont. 

So I quickly got out of bed, dressed myself in the little riding gear I had left. You see all my normal gear is packed on the Concours sitting in a garage in DavenportFLA waiting for us to arrive in 2 weeks. But I still had all my Gerbins and my red Ducati coat.

I arrived at my office to find the yellow duck sitting nice and warm. 

Just waiting for a day like this. 

Back in November I had a new set of tires mounted on the duck,

and never got a chance to ride it with the new skins. So I knew I had to take it easy for the first few miles. Of course the temps hovering around 35 made it easy to do that.

I went down to the Wachusett country club for a photo, and boy does this bike fit me just fine. Believe it or not, this riding position feels perfect for me. 

I had been riding the Concours so much; I forgot just how good this bike felt. 

I decided to head north, wasn’t quite lunch time yet, but I figured I would stop at this biker hang out for a quick burger.

But they where closed for the season. I guess they only cater to warm weather riders. So further north I headed. 

As I came this hill, I saw this sign and had to do a saddlebum and get a photo. 

Down towards the bottom of the hill I couldn’t resist a photo with these people behind me.

After many strange looks from people I traveled just a mile down the road to my destination for the day.

You can see the hose squirting the water on the Ice. This guy has been doing this since I can remember, I wanted to park closer to it, but there where patches of ice everywhere. I didn’t want to see how my new tires would do on ice!

After a few shots, and some strange looks from the lady inside the house I started the duck and continued my day. It was way too early to head home, and the sun was still kinda shinning. The local forecast was for rain to come in by late afternoon, then turning to light snow. I didn’t want to go too far from home for this reason. 

I took the long way to Leominster via Hubbardston, Westminster and Fitchburg. I had to check out this spot. 

If you travel on rt 2 in Leominster Im sure you’ve seen this small foot bridge between rt13 and rt12 exits. I spent my first 10 years in that brown house next to this bridge. 

I walked across and noticed no signs saying no motorized vehicles, and at the other end was my old neighborhood that I had to visit. So I drove the duck over. 

As a kid growing up this area was all sand dunes, I spent many days playing out there, now it’s a BJ’s & hotel.

From here I went by where I went to K thru 3rd grade, now its condo’s on North Main st.

Just up the road was a place I loved to go as a kid, and I even took my 2 oldest ones several times before it closed. 

Don’t these guys know it’s almost spring!

This is the old speedway

Great memories as a kid here

I thought about sneaking thru the break in the fence and walking around the park, but the skies where getting dark and I was worried of snow coming, and I had a few more stops I wanted to make.

After leaving the whalom area I drove by this house.

For you book worms reading this, you may remember reading a book in High school called The chocolate war or I am the cheese, well in the chocolate war the author used his home phone number in the book as the main character’s number. 
Up to just a few years ago people still dialed that number looking for him. I know this because this is where the author, my Uncle Robert Cormier lived most of his life and wrote many novelsBoth books where made into movies in the 80′s

When I was 10 my parents bought a small summer cottage on a lake in Lancaster, and moved us all out there. I was devastated to leave the city, and live in the woods. After a few years being on the lake I fell in love with it. My parents sold it in 1990 and I haven’t been back there in 5 or 6 years. We lived on a old dirt fire road in the middle of the woods, I was amazed at what I saw when I came down to the old fire rd. 

This is the house I remember the most of my childhood, boy has it changed. Its for sale right now, I want to go do a walk thru to see the inside.

Now we all remember our first love, right. How about your first kiss? If I ever forget either all I have to do is drive down the back road on the Shirley line and find the rock. 

Heidi Shugenflug was her name. Give a kid a can of white paint and watch out! I think I painted this back in 1979. 

Looks like she didnt use a good paint like I did

Find this rock and snap a photo of you next to it and email me the photo and I will send you a surprise.

From here I headed into the town center of Lancaster, the oldest town in Mass.

This is the old LancasterHigh School building; I went to 4th grade here.

My nostalgia trip wasn’t over yet, I had to stop for lunch and Jon’s pizza was the place. 

Its in Clinton, but we hung out here as kids, back when we had to walk everywhere. This was our stop after hanging out on High st on Friday nights. I haven’t been there since 1985. And I will never go back, my Roast beef sandwich was pretty gross and the plate they served it on was dirty.

While sitting eating lunch the guy next to me informed me that my helmet was getting wet. What! Its raining out. Well at least its better then snowing. So the last 15 miles or so where in the rain. New tires, 25 degrees, and February riding… no sweat!

As I approached the center of West Boylston, I noticed this NERd’s truck in a drive way. 

Inside I found Phil working on his rental property. 

He asked where I had been, I told him he would have to wait to read the report.

The last few miles the rain was falling but I got the duck home safe and sound in the shop

So today I went around 120 miles or so, 
I tried to go home again
I re connected with the duck and got some rainy riding in to boot! 

It was a good day!

Thanks Michelle

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