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New England Sport Touring

Rest in Peace my good friend and riding buddy!

I met Dave back in 2007 and had the pleasure of riding with him for many, many miles!   We did so many hookey rides together, he use to joke all the time about it wasn’t a hookey ride for him because he was retired.

I called him “my trailer” because no mater how hard I tried, he was the only person I have ever rode with that I could not loose in the twisties.   




For two years in a row he did the entire Harley stamp game with me, but never played.  He would joke “what would I do with a Harley?”

But he still rode with me to all those dealers and just stayed outside and smoked a few butts. 


I had a chance to meet his daughter and grand kids, he also opened up to me about his past and got to witness the re-connection with his loved ones.  We talked about being a good parent and a responsible person. I learned a lot from him in the few years we spent together.  


We shared many meals together while out on the road…








He never complained when I had to stop to take a photo for a tag or to capture a cool location.



We did several over night trips together, including a week long ride out to Indy and down to the dragon.  He was always to go to guy when you needed a great laugh.  God was he funny! Im really going to miss seeing him pull into my driveway with that big smile



He was a great man, I’m happy that he no longer is suffering from that horrible F’in disease, but truly saddened that there will be no more wild rides with “my trailer”

RIP pops!  You deserve it!







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