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OSJ’s group riding rules.


Back when I started riding in the early 80′s way before GPS’s, CB’s or other group riding rule we always got to our location, how? Pretty simple…the only requirement to this ride with us is you’re to have at least one mirror on your bike and you know how to use it.  So that means you will be responsible for the person behind you. 


When turning make sure you look behind you to see that the next rider has there directional on.  If so then you know it okay to turn.  If not, don’t turn.   Wait for that rider to either catch up or notice there is a turn ahead.


If the person in front of you pulls away on a twisty road, let them go.  Just remember they will not turn off that road unless they see you coming and you put your directional on.  If you come to an intersection just go straight. 

If everyone follows these simple  rules no one gets lost or left behind. Yes having a gps and communication can make rides easier to stay together, and when they are present we will use them.  But way too many riders these days relay on this items and seem to think its the only way to ride with friends. 


Few other helpful hints, don’t pass unless the rider in front waves you on.  Or if you make arrangements with that rider that you may pass them when things get twisty. Don’t just pass another rider in the group. 

Also give enough room in-between you and the rider in front of you.  Some people use the 2 second rule, I think that is a little close, I try to use 5 seconds.  Following to close gets your eyes off the road and you start to just watch the bike in front of you.  NOT good, if that rider makes a mistake you will do the same, or at least get caught up in it.  Give yourself some wiggle room. 

I may post up other ideas in the future, but I am a firm believer riding should me more about having fun and when too many rules are in place, or if its too structured than the fun gets lost.



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  1. wrote on January 6th, 2014 at 10:56 pm


    I don’t think I’ve read this one before. Good rules for group riding but if I were on the Katana, I’d be on you like a shadow.

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