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New England Sport Touring

A few days riding in a New England Winter


Exactly one week ago today we got 34.5 inches of snow in my little town (West Boylston MA) I figured it would be a little while before I could ride my motorcycle. However come Tuesday the weather had changed and temps were creeping towards 40. Even though the roads were a mess I still needed to get out and ride!

So this trip report will be a little different, no epic journey’s across many states. No 600 mile days in the saddle trying to get to some awesome motorcycle destination. But instead its just 4 days or riding my KLR around my surrounding towns. Sometime I try and find really neat places to take photo’s, however I still just use my droid phone for all of these shots so they will not be the best quality.

Day 1
So lets start with Tuesday afternoon, I got to my office (I keep my bikes there) and noticed the big ice patches had turned into puddle so parked big red and took out little red
It was so nice feeling the breeze thru my helmet, even though it was kinda cold, maybe 36 degrees when I left. However when its been below freezing for a few days a sunny 36 degree day feels almost like a heat wave!

Right down the road you can see what 35 inches of snow looks like when you have to move it

I had a plan with this ride, and of course it involved tagging. For those that don’t know, many message boards have tag games running. Someone post up a photo of a location or an item, in this case it was a school for the deaf or blind. My job was to find another school like this and post it up. So I claimed that tag. Than I would need to ride to another location or item and post that up for the next thing to be tagged.
Not too far from my house is the Perkins School, I would use this to claim the tag..

one of the fun things I like about tagging is just riding around looking for cool things to take photo’s of. And to use them as tags.

in the end I ended up using the photo below of a tank. This is a new memorial in Leominster for fallen soldiers from that city. The new tag would be a memorial to fallen soldiers.

Day 2
Another cold start, but the sun is shining. Mrs. OSJ has me on a new exercise program, I walk/jog a few miles every day. Usually right in my neighborhood. However today I decide to walked along a old closed road that connects West Boylston and Holden. While walking I saw a few places I would like to return and snap some photo’s. So once back at my office I went back with the bike.

Todays ride would be shorter than the day before. Mrs. OSJ works on Wednesday and I need to drive the kids around after school. So I only had time for a few more miles before I needed to become a dad again.

Day 3

Mrs. OSJ would be with me today. Of course its Valentines day and we always spend that day together. We’ve also been riding together since October of 1988, but never got to ride on this day. Today would be the first.
We only took a few photo’s, no tagging just riding. It was so nice to be back on two wheels with the love of my life. Talking the whole time via the Scala System was the icing on the cake!

It was such a great way to spend with my wife. Temps were low 40′s but the heated jacket kept her warm.

Day 4

Another freezing cold night meant all the snow that melted the day before was shear ice in the morning. After our morning run we took the truck down the road for some breakfast. Over Easy Café on Rt 140 in Sterling MA is a great place to eat.

We both were itching to get out. And we only had a few hours do to so. Our youngest daughter was going to be spending a few days with our oldest at her college. However we have some time while the kids were in school to enjoy. So off we went!

we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat lunch. The Mountain Side Market is a small little store that also has a small sitting area in back. We were not quite hungry enough for some sammies, but they always have fresh homemade soup!
Mrs OSJ had the turkey gumbo, while I had corn chowder. Both served up with fresh bread! Boy was it good!

We got back on the KLR and took off up and over Wachusett Mountain, rode around the back roads of Leominster, Sterling and West Boylston. At one point Michelle broke the silence of the wind by saying
“there is no place I would rather be, then here with you on this road”

I just smiled inside my helmet…and simply said ” me too babe!”
And that was my four days of winter riding on my KLR in New England!


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    Nice. Thanks for posting that. I will definitely return here to find out more and recommend my coworkers about it.

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    Great times on the back of the KLR

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