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turtle boy has a cousin!

When I was putting together the turtle boy trip report I came across another cool statue in Worcester. And this was was hidden, very few people knew about it ( you cant see it from the road) but I had to find it!

So yesterday when Michelle got out of work we saddled up the Ducati and went in search of it!

Downtown Worcester is pretty dead on a Saturday afternoon, which means when your at a light that has senors, and it has a no turn on red your forced to run a red light because you cant plan on a car/truck to come up behind you to trigger the light!

I introduce to you Turtle boy’s cousin….Dolphin Boy


statue of a nude boy swimming with a dolphin located in a courtyard behind One Chestnut Place.

Its a statue of a nude boy swimming with a dolphin located in a courtyard behind One Chestnut Place. Actually, he looks a bit like he’s flying not swimming. It’s not as snicker-worthy as Turtle Boy, but it is a bit odd due to where it is and how it is positioned, plus he is anatomically correct (no I didn’t take a pic of that!)

Now to get that shot I…rode thru a red light, went down a one way street, rode between gates for a parking garage then onto that courtyard. To the left of me was office space, and to my right was a condo complex, and behind me to the right is a café. After that shot I rode back to the street and walked back in to take a few more photo’s. Thats when we noticed the security guard standing in one of the window watching us.

From here we took a ride over the the spot of the Worcester 6 memorial created by artist artist Brian P. Hanlon. I’m sure you all remember the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse fire back in 1999. We lost 6 local firefighters that night.

They tore down the remains of the building and built that fire station you see in the photo above.

From here we needed to head home, it was getting close to dinner and we planned on taking the kids to the home opener game of the Worcester Sharks. However as we rode past the local Ducati store we saw a swap meet today sign, so we pulled in to check it out.

Turns out they were just packing up for the day..but I did get a chance to sit on this new Ducati.

What is it?

The Ducati Diavel, the second cruiser from the land of Bologna. Many people don’t know about the wildly successful Ducati Indiana from the 80′s

So back the the Diavel, could you see OSJ on a cruiser? There are a few that I like…even one from ‘the motor company” but the one big thing that holds me back on these bikes is the lack of power, and the heavy weight of these types of bikes. The Ducati solves that problem by putting a motor with 160 horsepower in a package that weighs 460 lbs.

I didn’t get a chance to take that demo out..but I’m gonna return and throw my leg over that baby!

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