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Tiddler tour to Rice-A-Rama

I got my start riding motorcycles in the summer of 82, I was still a full year away from getting my permit, and 2 years away from becoming licensed for that matter.  But that wasn’t gonna stop me from riding.  My brother in law (whom I was living with at the time) had a cherry 1973 CB450 twin, and we lived on a small pond in central MA, which had miles and miles of fire roads around it.  So that summer Denis show me how to ride, I would practice riding that bike all around that little pond, and as I got a little more brave I would take it out onto the paved roads around town.

Eventually I got my permit, then I could explore all over the state… legally…just needed to be home by dark and couldn’t take any passengers.  That was okay by me, I just wanted to ride.  That little Honda took me everywhere, school, beach, dates ( yeah I guess I broke a few laws back then as well) and it became my best friend.

I also started following a young racer from Shreveport, Louisiana who was racing on Honda’s  This started another passion in me…sport bikes and speed.  I out grew the Honda, worked my way up to a new GS450 then a Ninja 600 and so on..

now some 29 years and 24 bike later I still have that same passion for motorcycles..and like so many other “older” riders I’m starting to think about the motorcycles I’ve owned in the past.

This is where Rice-o-Rama comes in.  Its an annual show/swap meet held in central MA during fall.  It been on my list of events to attend for a few years, this year was the first time I got a chance to go.   Of course I invited a few riding buddies to come along. One such friend is Lunatic Tim from Jay Maine.  We always joked about us growing up around the same time doing the same things and having the same passion for motorcycling..just a few hundred miles apart.  Tim also had a nice little bike he wanted to take down to the show..its a its a trailer queen


Timmy came down the night before the show.  He had the house to himself for I was attending my niece’s weeding with my wife and 4 daughters.

Anytime I can show off my girls I will Smile

We arrived home late at night to find the little ninja parked in the driveway.  Mrs OSJ had just recently got her license and was intrigued by the size of the little ninja.

In the morning we were waiting for another friend..Dave…AKA Pops!  He’s been riding many, many years and love old bikes.  He also loves coming on these little adventures…

I say little because this is Tim and I’s little tiddler tour.  Timmy on his Ninja 250 and me on my 1972 Honda 175 Scrambler

I bought this bike for two reasons, one I always wanted one back when I had my CB, and I also thought it would be the perfect bike for Mrs OSj to learn to ride on.  We’ve both been on the scrambler separately, but not together…While waiting we took a little ride down the street to see how she would do.

the original plan was to take Timmy’s Ninja 2 up and he would ride the scrambler.  But after a short ride around the neighborhood we decided to give the Honda a go 2 up!

Michelle did get a chance to check out the ninja…and she liked it allot!

Pops shows up on his big Honda, surprised to find out he needs to follow a few little bikes for a bit

Before the show we need to get some breakfast.  Breakfast is my favorite meal to cook for my friends, but today I wanted to have someone else cook and clean up for me today.  The Honda did really well on most roads, some of the bigger hills we slowed down, but for the most part we could stay at speed long as it wasn’t over 50 mph

We made it to Rutland and KP’s for a great breakfast.

After a great breakfast we saddled up and headed to North Brookfield. Timmy wanted to give the little Honda a go, so we swapped bikes and took off!


We arrived fairly early so we got to park at the top of the hill.  The first few years the show was held in North Brookfied which was a scenic area to ride to but the location wasnt the best for motorcycle parking.

If you like 80′s sport bikes ( Which I do!) than this is the show for you.  Not only the show bikes were drool worthy..many of the bikes ridden in are just as special.  Here is a nice assortment of machines posted by make.


Team Green..

Team red

Team Blue

Team Bumblebee


That is really such a small sample of what can be found at this show.  Its really become the go to place for 80′s sport bikes, and also cafe racer bikes.

There were even some Non Rice bikes that were worthy of a photo, here are a few for you all.


After  a great day of checking out bikes and the different type of people that ride them we saddled up our very own old bikes and started the long ride home.   As we were waiting for a few other bikes to pull out this older gentleman came running up to Michelle and I and said…” Awesome to see a old 70′s Honda 175 riding to the show…and two up too?!”  Michelle said to him…”wouldn’t do it any other way!”


It’s always about the  adventure with us…

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