New England Sport Touring
New England Sport Touring

1 cylinder,200 miles, two up in the rain

Say that 5 times fast!
So how many of you out there would have a wife willing to do a ride like that? Not many I bet. But my wife, well she’s just a little off just like me.
But today wasn’t supposed to be like that. We had planned a hookey day ride a few weeks ago. Monday was gonna be the only day we could do it with all the stuff the kids got going on..softball and such. I knew a little rain wouldn’t stop her from wanting to come. The bike, well that’s a different story. 
We planned on taking the yellow duck, however I had to get an oil change done before we did anymore riding. And with a busy week coming up, with a 3 day weekend of riding planned shortly I knew I had to get the oil done now. 
So Sunday afternoon I drained the old, put a new filter on, and added $52 worth of oil , then started her up to run for a few min before I did a final level check. Much to my surprise, and shock I look down to see all that brand new expensive oil pouring all over the floor. I’m known to call Ducati the HD of the sport bike world, but this is crazy. 
I think (hope) I shut down the motor before any real damage is done, and then I laid down next to the bike to see what went wrong. Did I forget to put the plug back in ? Forget to tighten the filter? Nope all is there and tight, but the oil is coming out between the engine and filter. Later Michelle checks the invoice from wagners to older invoices from Filter purchases and figures out they gave us the wrong filter for the bike.
So, off the dealership to get a new filter and oil. The only problem is the only Ducati dealership open on Monday was in North Kingston RI, Razee motorcycles.
Of course I made a list of possible tags we could get, 3 theme and one NER RI tag. Off we went!

Mrs OSJ has only been on the back of the KLR one time, yesterday! And only for the short 6 mile ride home from my office. I told her Lizzy loves the bike because as she says “it tickles my bum”…now this is coming from a 9 year old so hold the comments!

Would Mrs OSJ get a tickled bum? (you can comment all you want about that!) Lets find out!

We dressed warm, and each left our leathers at home for the waterproof textile gear. It wasn’t raining too hard, just a little sprinkle. I had a back road route planned getting us all the way to North Kingston RI to Razee’s Motorcycles. I also had my list of tags to look for

  • Reservoir
  • Sign with the word “steel” in it
  • Watercraft
  • Race Track

And two specific tag locations in RI, one for the NER forum and one for ADV. I wasn’t sure if we would have time for both, I told Michelle lets take the route to the dealership and make our decision then. 

Along the way we found 3 of the tags. 

All before we even entered RI. I thought about pulling over and posting them all from my know it drives me nuts when I get Bruced! But in the end I figured maybe it would make for a better trip report if I got beat to all my tags! 

I pulled over at the state line for this shot..I thought it might be good for one of the tags.

We found some really nice roads thru Sutton, Douglas and finally into Harrisville RI. By now the rain was falling a little harder, I leaned back and asked Michelle if she was okay? She just smiled and say great! 

I even routed one dirt road in the route..of course I didn’t tell Michelle…we pulled over on it to change out my glasses. 

We reached Razee’s around 11 AM. Lots of bikes out front, Michelle had plenty of cool bikes to check out. 

Once inside I had to take a photo of the coolest bathroom poster eva!

Then one of the coolest posters inside the show room. Michelle as asked about purchasing this one, and for some reason they said no?

They also have come cool bikes inside…

The rest of the photo’s didn’t come out, for some reason they came out all blurry. But let me tell you they had some nice KTM’s BMW’s and a few nice Ducati’s as well. 

After the oil and filters were purchased and loaded on the bike we headed out. The ADV tag was south, and the NER tag was north, we decided to head north and let someone else go claim the ADV tag. But first we stopped at Honey Dew to get warmed up and post up the tags I collected. I figured I would have been beat to at least one tag, but I wasn’t and was able to claim 3 theme tags while drinking coffee. 

From here we had one stop to get before the tag.

Yes another year of chasing the free Harley in the contest. We plan some rides around these dealerships, however most of them are nice back road rides. And we’ve made a pact to visit them all on two wheels. 

Just around the corner from the dealership I noticed this building

It turned out to be one of the new tags I would use today. The $ in a sign, but not for the price of an item. 

Another quick ride up I95 for a few miles to Providence where we found our final tag of the day. This location was the NER RI tag.

It was getting late, and we needed to work our way home. But first we needed some food. Right up the road we stopped here…

Another tag I would later use. 

We both had burgers that were great, however I’m sitting here at home 6 hrs later with nasty heartburn…but I think it was worth it.. They were good!!

Sorry forgot to take a photo of the burger..damit

From here we needed to get home fast, so we worked out way to 146 north to central MA. We pulled in the driveway 5 minutes before the bus stopped dropping off Lizzy. 

We rode 197 miles today, got 4 tags, eat great burgers and had a great day together! 

Oh, and I forgot to ask Mrs OSJ if her butt got tickled

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