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New England Sport Touring

18 years ago today (10/13/2008)

Some things that happened 18 years ago.  Back in 1990 the Berlin wall came crumbling down



The spotted owl became a well known bird

And the Hubble telescope was launched into space.

One other very important thing happened. This young man and women became a couple.  Two kids at 23 years old decided they had enough of being single and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together and start a family

Well today October 13th 2008 marks our 18 wedding anniversary and what is a better way to spend our day then to ride!  You see it really starts 20 years ago, on October 14th 1988 we went on our first date.  Thats when Michelle realized that I was a motorcyclist.  Back then I had a 1986 Concours seen here. 

  We fell in love on that bike.  We went everywhere together. But it started on October 14th 1988.  When I took Michelle on our first of many rides on that bike.

Fast forward 20 years.  Our oldest Daughter offered up her babysitting services as a anniversary present to us so we could get out for the day.  The kids were off from school for the holiday.  The sun was shining and the leaves were falling as we left West Boylston and headed out.

Our 1st anniversary we took our jeep to the top of Pack Monadnock so I thought it would be a good time to revisit that spot.  Of course we would take the long way there.

Along a back road near Mount Wachusett I noticed a plaque on a rock.  We did a quick u turn to check it out.  

Up and over the mountain we continued out journey.  I had a route planned on the gps but we found ourselves going off route more often then not.  In other words we did some exploring.  Some roads turned dirt while others were nice scenic back roads thru beautiful county.  Here are a few shots along the way.

It took a few hrs but we made it up to Pack Monaadnock.   The girl at the toll booth asked me if I was going to hike or drive up. I laughed and said…”look at me,  does it look like I hike?”  We got our ticket to drive up

The top was pretty crowed. We couldnt find a quite spot to reflex on our 18 years of bliss. So we didnt stay too long.  Plus we were getting hungry.

We found this place at the bottom of the hill.  The inside was full so we sat outside on the picnic tables. 

The food was good, but a little expensive for what you get.  $28 bucks for 2 burgers, soup and drinks seems a little high.  We walked around the town common for a few minutes, checking out the little stores.

After a short break we got back on the road. Not particular place was planned. We just headed north.  Rt 136 took us to greenfield NH.  From here we ventured off the beaten path again and worked our way towards Hancock NH. We came across this covered bridge on the way there.

In Hancock we grabbed Rt137 south.  It was my first time on this great road this season.  We had it all to ourselves.  The section between Hancock and Rt101 was in great shape.

Once you cross rt101 and all the way to Jaffery it gets pretty bumpy.  But you can still enjoy the twists and turns.  Just got to dial down your speed a little.  We rode thru Jaffery and onto Cathedral Rd.  This brought us to another nice spot to visit in our area.

Cathedral of the Pines

If you’ve never been its worth the visit.  It was originally built as a tribute to a young man lost in the battle of war.  There are many different walking paths throughout the property and several altars and shrines.

The Altar of nations was in my New England Treasure hunt rally. It has stones from all 50 states and from almost every major battle around the world. It certainly is a site to see.  Below you see the Altar as you look onto Mt Monadnock.  

We sat for awhile and then had a nice conversation with one of the volunteers that works there.  She was an older women in a wheel chair. When she looked at me she said ” Oh my, Im nearly blind but I can see you!  Are you on a Harley?” I thanked her for noticing me then said ” Do I look like I ride a Harley?” She giggled then said ” I bet your on one of those Yamaha’s”

I was a little surprised that she new that Yamaha was a bike.  When I told her my bike was from Italy she had no Idea.  I told her to google it!

Once back on the road we found ourselves back in MA.  I needed to do another quick u turn to get this next photo. Pay attention this could be on next years rally

We made our way from Winchendon to Ashburnham and found ourselves near Stodge Meadow Pond.  This place as a very special to me. And has a neat motorcycle tie in to this story.  Of course it would.

This cottage below is where my sister and brother in law lived from 1980 to 1987.  The summer of 82 lived with them.  The cottage was built on old wooden beer Kegs that were filled with cement.  They needed to be replaced.  So we got 4 large telephone poles and placed them under the cottage and jacked it up 2 feet.  Then while my brother in law Denis was at work during the day I was under the house digging the foundation with a shovel.  Then at night when he got home we would pour that section of concert that I dug.  It took most of the summer to do this.  My payment was a 1971 Honda CB450!

Shes still standing!  Although the chimney looks like it needs some help.

I spend the next 2 summer riding that motorcycle around all the fire roads that surround the pond.  The day after my 16th birthday I was off and running on that motorcycle. 

We rode around the dirt and pave roads that I first learned my skill on for a little while. I really didn’t have any thing planned for stopping. At one time Michelle asked if we could go find a nice place to sit outside and have some desert and a hot drink.  I knew just the place!

Fort Devens

Yup, that Fort Devens the now debunked military base that has become a Census-designated place.  Which means a town within a town or towns but doesn’t have its own government.  Well inside Devens is a nice little resturant called ” Devens Grill” of all things.

We sat out side and enjoyed some fine Carrot cake and chocolate thing.

Michelle snapped the best photo of the day while sitting here

We hung out here for quite a while. Talking about the days ride, the places we both have been and where we want to go in the future.  It was very relaxing way to almost end a ride

Before we left we called the kids to see how things were at home.  Everyone was hungry and requested food.  I made a quick call to Choey Lee’s and picked up  some Chinese food on the way home.

In the end we only did 190 miles for the day.  But we got to spend it doing something we both love very much. And doing it with someone you love dearly just makes it that much better!

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