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New England Sport Touring

So was the turnpike, from Stockbridge to Boston!

  The sun was shining after several long days of clouds & rain.  The date was June 11th.  A Sunday in the month of June 2006.  Several NERd’s and some friends gathered for a ride.  James Taylor’s ” Sweet Baby James” was  the theme for our ride out to the Berkshires & back.  He sang in that song about how the Turnpike was covered in frosting from Stockbridge to Boston.  Our trip saw no frosting, although  we did ride thru Stockbridge but not Boston on this day.

Our good friends from upstate Maine came down a spent a few days with us so they could ride.  Kimi was excited about getting out, but not so early on a Sunday morning.

Pat, Armand, Chinook Tim & Kimi left with OSJ  from West Boylston to meet up with other fine people in Sturbridge for the “Officall” start to the ride.  We had 10 bikes carrying 11 people on such a great day to be out riding.

Some familiar faces joined us from breakfast and some new people were welcomed like the NER is famous for.



After a Cracker of a breakfast we headed out in search of the Berkshires.  But first our route took us south into the Constitution state.  30 minutes into the ride we found ourselves on Westford rd.   A very tight, twisty road that was a sign of what this day was going to bring.  This day was going to be about roads, and what makes for a great motorcycle road.  Of course this is only my opinion on what is a great motorcycle road, but from all the smiles I kept on seeing from this gang, I don’t think I am alone in these feelings.

Here is one guy that agrees

The traffic was good in spots and bad in others.  My plan was to video tape Westford, Rt 320, Rt8 and some of Jacobs Ladder, but my camera’s battery  was falling victim to the vibrations of the Ducati and I didn’t bring the direct power cable like I use on the Concours.  So I will need to return to these places for this.  The duck was all hooked up with the gadgets though

After a few hrs of making our way west through the top of CT we crossed the state line into MA.  Our route took us on Rt 57, thru small towns like Southwick, Tolland & Grainville.  Even though our pace was brisk at times we still were able to smell the fragrances, see the flowers and taste the fresh air that a spring day brings in the countryside.


As we turned onto Rt 8 north in New Boston, the traffic fairies were on our side.  Could it be the town with the Boston in its title was the driving forces  or just pure luck that all the cars, trucks and farm equipment were either traveling south. 

Either way the tight twisty rt 8 got unraveled by the yellow duck,



 silver VFR,


 and a blue CB1. 


 Eventfully the curves straightened out as we approached the center of Otis.  We re-grouped with the rest of the cast members and pointed our fenders west down Rt 23. 

Our lunch destination was near, but before we were able to eat, one bike needed to back track and find some parts that fell off.  Maybe a little too much scraping for those pegs????  Maybe so but Ed didn’t seem to be complaining too much about the pace that was being run

This group had run a little over 125 miles of some great roads in CT and now MA. We were in need of a stop, a break for some food and good company.

Jacks Grill was just the place

Our merry gang of riders

Even a duck salt & pepper shaker was on the table, so named Mr & Mrs Duck by Rich.


  The day had a duck theme right from the beginning. Roundsy had a few presents from his trip to NC….DUCK NC that is!




Ya know this is what the duck has to say about all that



Just kidding, thank you Roundys & Keith for thinking of me!
After some good food, and great company it was time to follow the theme of the ride and ride towards Boston. Jacobs Ladder was going to be our road over the turnpike. This time I saw of all things a 2 up Honda Ace stick to the rear end of that silver VFR thru some very fast and twisty sections of road. 

Man those Lunni’s can ride!

Ummmm, a motorcycle that is :)

After a  ride up County Rd in Huntington…short but sweet.  I had to draft a green mini van up the hill thru the turns, but I could see the cute blonde driving and she had a big smile on her face as she pushed that Caravan thru those corners.  A few bumpy sections of road thru Florence, Leeds and then Williamsburg brought us to one of my new favorite roads.  It connects the center of Williamsburg to Rt 116 in Ashfield.

Now if you ride motorcycle in MA then you must know about 116.  If traffic is light and the road is dry and smokey is on break then this is one of the best roads to run.  The first part was clear,  our bikes were running like the stream that follows this road.  Fast and swift.  Eventually our luck ran out and we ran into too much traffic to pass and had to enjoy the last 5 miles behind several cages.  This was Pats feelings about the cars
pat finger.jpg

This led to our last break/fuel stop of the day.  We relaxed by having a snack, drink and a NAP???

I think he was dreaming of Goldwings, lots of Goldwings with lights, gadgets and plenty of chrome.

Now what do you think she was dreaming about?


I asked her, but this is what I got

Finally we kind of got them up and gathered for a group photo, the only one missing was Chris, he went right when we went left back in Housatonic. Here is the official group photo


And the un official


Still 70 miles away from home, it was time to saddle up.  We all pulled out together, Rich was the first one to peel off and head for home, somewhere along Bay rd. 


 Then in the center of Ware Roundsy headed for home.


As we took rt 67north Nomad Willy stayed on rt 9 taking him back home to Uxbridge

Goldwing Bob & passenger Kimi followed Easy Ed, Armand, Phat Pat, Lunatic Tim and OSJ back to West Boylston. We all stopped in my driveway for a few minutes.

Ed planned out his ride back home to Watertown, Bob dropped off his passenger to Tim and I got a big hug from my girls


Even Lizzy was willing to share her cheese its with the gang


Over all it was 285 miles for me on the duck.  I had a great time leading these people thru the back roads of CT & MA. Enjoying what New England has to offer.  Great roads, beautiful scenery and wonderful people!


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