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BrewHaHA North Adams, MA

Within walking distance to our hotel we found a place called BrewHaHa in downtown North Adams.



Bright and sunny place with big windows looking out onto one of the main streets in downtown


You order at the counter and a server brings you your food.     Menu is mostly al la cart, which seems a little weird for breakfast.   They do have fresh NY city bagels and a large assortment of wraps on the menu.

Food was good, however prices were very high.  And if you have read thru my breakfast posts in the past you know that we do eat out for breakfast a lot.  Very rarely is the bill for the two of us near $30.   The bill for BrewHaHa was $32!  And to make matter worse they serve it on pager plates with plastic utensils.



This is what $32 gets you at BrewHaHa…one egg, home fries bacon, egg wrap, 2 coffees and a coke.  Missing is my bagel with cream cheese.   The home fries were very good, the egg was cooked just the way I like it (medium) and the bacon was thick cut quality stuff.  Michelle’s wrap was tomato, basil and cheese.

The food was good, but I must say we’ve have better for a lot less.


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